Models show how to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C
There are several ways to limit global temperature rise to 1.5°C by 2100, and new research led by IIASA researcher Joeri Rogelj shows under what conditions this could happen.

Stop blaming ‘both sides’ for America’s climate failures
Dana Nuccitelli
The fault lies entirely with the GOP. Focus on fixing it, not laying blame where it doesn’t belong

While politicians question the reality of climate change, farmers and businesses act
One of Australia’s biggest wine makers has already moved part of its operation to a cooler climate and other industries are also taking action. They’re not waiting for the politicians to make up their minds about the changing climate.

Australia has 1,800 threatened species but has not listed critical habitat in 10 years
Only five habitats put on critical habitat register since national environmental laws enacted

Is the energy crisis over?
A flood of new clean power and a summer without major outages is increasing confidence in the power system and helping to reduce prices.

Snowy 2.0 could flood market with cheap energy, analysts say
Snowy 2.0 will change the energy game in the country, but new government owners means Snowy can play by its own rules.

Australian Philanthropists Sign Open Letter Urging Foreign Donations Bill Redraft
More than 60 Australian philanthropists and foundations have signed an open letter urging the federal government to withdraw and redraft its contentious foreign donations bill.

Greens’ roo cull campaign is mad 
Australian editorial

What’s wrong (and right) with “suburban sprawl”?
Alan Davies
Our major cities require a more sophisticated understanding of the role of fringe development in accommodating forecast growth than reflexively dismissing it out of hand as “sprawl”

Price is right
These innovative Western District farmers see the light through the trees

Opening of Duck Hunting Season
Victoria’s duck season will go ahead, despite a damning report into the game regulator’s handling of the season last year.

After Doyle, mayoral candidates cast doubt on $250m Victoria Market plans

Victoria town’s breakthrough deal on network tariffs as it pursues 100% renewables 
Central Victoria town achieves a breakthrough deal on network tariffs that could pave the way for a community solar farm and 100 per cent renewable energy within a few years.

Construction of 112MW Mildura solar farm underway
Beon Energy Solutions tapped to build BayWa’s 112MW Karadoc Solar Farm in Victoria’s north-west.

Climate deniers shut out of Batman forum
Organisers of a climate change forum in the federal Melbourne seat of Batman have invited only half the candidates from the upcoming by-election.

Victorian families falling into huge debt as bills pile up
Victoria’s Energy and Water Ombudsman has uncovered families struggling with utility debts as high as $26,000 as skyrocketing charges and unforeseen expenses bite hard.

Rail loop, robot trains options for East Werribee ‘super city’
A new $1.3 billion rail loop and driverless trains are among transport options being considered to connect a proposed $30 billion ‘super city’ at East Werribee.

Get smart to build a better Melbourne 
Peter Seamer
Two-tiered infrastructure is necessary but it won’t solve Melbourne’s problems — to do that, the world’s most liveable city has to think outside the square and begin a cultural shift

Fed up council impounds dozens of abandoned share bikes
A Sydney council impounds dozens of broken and abandoned share bikes, after losing patience with operators it says need to “clean up their act”.

Solar PPA partners named in potential 10MW NSW PV rollout
NSW govt set to roll out solar across its buildings and infrastructure after selection of five “prequalified, carefully vetted” solar PPA suppliers.

NSW regional council weighs building its own solar grid
NSW shire of Parkes to explore feasibility of building its own “virtual solar network,” based on existing PV investments and future solar and storage installs.

Canberra arboretum goes green-er, ditching diesel for solar and storage
ACT’s National Arboretum has replaced its diesel generator for 100% solar and battery storage – a shift that will pay for itself within 8 years.

Carbon farming: Killing the community or saving the world?
Graziers in south-west Queensland are sick of the problems caused by absent landholders farming carbon in their district.

Another major 300MW solar farm proposed for Queensland coal centre
Renew Estate proposes 300MW solar farm for Gladstone, Queensland, to help wean the regional centre off coal, and power industrial growth.

Shorten putting over a big con 
Andrew Bolt
Calling Bill Shorten a hypocrite over the Adani coal project is like charging a bank robber with mere littering

Farmers want ban lifted on GM crops
Grain producers already have called on all parties to reopen the GM-free debate within 12 months after the election, saying SA was disadvantaged being the only state alongside Tasmania with the rule.

W.A.’s largest solar farm – Emu Downs – opens for business
APA completes largest solar farm in West Australia, and first in that state to be co-located with a wind farm.

Why what we eat is crucial to the climate change question
Our food – from what we eat to how it is grown – accounts for more carbon emissions than transport and yet staple crops will be hit hard by global warming

Greenhouse gas emissions of hydropower in the Mekong River Basin can exceed fossil fuel sources
Hydropower is commonly considered as a clean energy source to fuel Southeast Asian economic growth. Recent study published in Environmental Research Lettersfinds that hydropower in the Mekong River Basin, largest river in Southeast Asia, might not always be climate friendly.

New dual-atom catalyst shows promise to yield clean energy by artificial photosynthesis
An international team of researchers from the US and China has synthesized a dispersed catalyst featuring two atoms, yielding a stable and highly active platform that could facilitate solar water oxidation for the production and storage of clean energy, the team reports in the latest Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Materials ‘sandwich’ breaks barrier for solar cell efficiency
Nanomaterials esearchers have devised a method to significantly improve the efficiency of organic solar cells. They used a squaraine molecule to both donate electrons and better orient the PBDB-T polymer with the ITIC non-fullerene acceptor. Combined with another design mechanism the group previously pioneered, they achieved efficiency gains of more than 10 percent in converting solar energy into power. The flexible cells could eventually be used in wearables and more.

‘Pay kids’ 20 cents a bottle
The key to removing plastic bottles from the beach lies with getting young people involved in clean-ups, says one businessman. And he is willing to put his money…

China to step up fight against emissions, pollution in bid to protect ‘blue skies’, ‘green land’
China will step up its fight against pollution this year, moving to further cut emissions that have befouled its air, water and soil.

Why cities are starting to shun sewers
Developing countries can’t afford Western-style sewer networks, but their work-arounds may be even better.

Plastic is so over. So why do some fashion houses still treat it as cool?
Lucy Siegle
The catwalk positively oozes fossil fuel just as we begin to uncouple our lives from it.

Latin American countries sign legally binding pact to protect land defenders
New treaty compels states to investigate and punish killings and attacks on people defending their land or environment

Sustainable Ocean Development
Earth’s vast and vital oceans are a critical source of economic productivity, but issues of space management, interindustry conflict and environmental degradation often limit …

How Microplastics Are Affecting Marine Organisms
A group of scientists who use Crepdiula onyx as a model organism to test microplastics immunity have found that they will threaten other marine organisms that are less ..

Impact of Fishing Fleets on the Most Threatened Marine Birds
Accidental by-catch –- which affects around 5,000 birds stuck in longlines every year — is the most severe effect on marine birds by the fishing activity in the …

Hydrogen Extraction Breakthrough Could Be Game-Changer
Researchers have successfully tested a new material that can be used for cheap and large-scale production of hydrogen – a promising alternative to …
One-fifth of Europe’s wood beetles at risk of extinction as ancient trees decline
Demise of the beetles, that need rotting wood to survive, could have devastating knock-on effect for other species, say scientists in a new report

‘Show Me The Data’: How to Maximise Data in Your Next Funding Application
Edmond Low
In our highly competitive funding environment, data is the new commodity


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